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Emergency Fire Extinguishing Safety Blanket, Flame Retardent Protection


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Introducing our reliable and versatile 1M x 1M Safety Fire Blanket - the ultimate emergency survival fire shelter and flame retardant protection for your kitchen. Safety is our top priority, and this fire blanket is designed to provide quick and effective response in case of a fire emergency.

Crafted from high-quality fiberglass material, this fire blanket boasts exceptional heat resistance, ensuring it can withstand high temperatures and effectively smother flames. Its 1M x 1M size is perfect for easy handling and swift action, covering a significant area to combat small fires before they escalate.

The fire blanket's user-friendly design enables effortless deployment, allowing anyone, even without prior experience, to respond swiftly to fire accidents. When faced with a kitchen fire caused by grease, oil, or other flammable substances, simply grab the tabs, pull the blanket out of its container, and gently drape it over the flames. Watch in amazement as the fire is quickly stifled, denying it the oxygen it needs to spread, and giving you the precious time needed to safely evacuate or bring the situation under control.

In addition to its firefighting capabilities, our Safety Fire Blanket is also flame-retardant, meaning it provides an additional layer of protection for your kitchen and surrounding areas. Its rugged construction ensures durability, making it a long-lasting addition to your safety equipment arsenal.

Versatile and compact, this fire blanket is not limited to kitchen use. It's ideal for various scenarios, such as camping trips, barbecues, workshops, and even as a safety tool in offices and classrooms. Its portability allows you to keep it within arm's reach, ensuring peace of mind knowing you're prepared for any fire-related emergency.

Invest in your safety and that of your loved ones today with our 1M x 1M Safety Fire Blanket. Easy to store, easy to use, and engineered with your well-being in mind, this fire blanket is an indispensable addition to every home and workplace. Prioritize fire safety and enjoy the confidence that comes with having a reliable emergency survival tool at your disposal.



✍ EASY TO USE: Pull down the fire blanket,slowly cover the fire,(don’t pull back it right away),turn off the heat source,throw away it after the temperature is down.the fire cover is just for one-time use.Can be used simply without training. ✍ SAFETY PRODUCT: Protect your family. Stops stovetop fires fast and is easy to use, safe, clean, and non-toxic. ✍ HIGH QUALITY: Fiberglass cloth.Fire blanket can extinguishes fire by suffocating it,so it extinguishes both liquid and grease fire. ✍ Wide range of uses:Designed as an essential home-safety device in emergency.Ideal for kitchen,fireplace,grill,car,office,camping and Outdoor barbecue.


Size: 1M*1M Color: White Material: Fiberglass Package Size: Approx. 29 * 18 * 3.5cm Package Inclue: 1 * Fire Blanket

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Emergency Fire Extinguishing Safety Blanket, Flame Retardent Protection


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